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Four foundational measures for enhanced cybersecurity

Measured Staff
April 11, 2022
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Tackling cybersecurity for your company can seem as overwhelming as learning all of the buzzwords associated with cyber security. But even if you don’t know exactly where to start or what to do, we recommend taking these four foundational measures for a more effective cybersecurity program that you can start today.

Fix software flaws
Software programs used by your organization can be vulnerable to hackers – especially if they aren’t updated or have reached end-of-life. To protect against an attack, check each software product you are currently using to make sure it is running the latest version according to the vendor. End-of-life software applications that no longer receive updates should be replaced as soon as possible.

Address password problems
Any system or product that uses default, well-known or unchangeable passwords should also be replaced. These types of passwords should be considered a vulnerability, as they can be easily guessed by hackers, manually or with a computer program.

Use multifactor authentication (MFA)
Multifactor authentication is a layered approach to keeping online products, services, and data secure. Using MFA requires users to verify their identity by providing a combination of two or more authenticators before access is granted. For example, an individual that wants to access a database would need to provide correct login information as well as a code sent to their registered mobile device.

Take advantage of free tools
The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently released a list of free cybersecurity tools available to organizations of any size. This list includes open source and free tools offered by both public and private sector companies. Available here, these tools can, and should, be used to reduce cybersecurity risk.

The four foundational measures discussed above aim to achieve four cybersecurity goals outlined by CISA:

  • Reduce the likelihood of a damaging cyber incident
  • Detect malicious activity quickly
  • Respond effectively to cyber incidents
  • Maximize resilience

Cyber security attacks are on the rise. By taking action and implementing these tactics, you can better protect your company, data, and customers from the damaging impacts of a cyber incident.