We areMeasured Insurance.

In an era of exponential technological growth, Data is more than an asset. It’s the lifeblood of our clients’ businesses.

Yet today, the insurance industry remains mired in an analog approach of one-time questionnaires and annual terms, Offering broad and opaque policies that don’t cover the true cost of a cyber attack.

We’re bridging the gap between technology and Insuranceusing AI-Powered analytics that track clients’ exposure in real time to create smarter insurance products tailored to the actual threats they face.

By knowing more about their business, we can solve specific problems, deliver coverage matched to their exposure, And back it up with service they can count on—not just to remediate losses, but restore their business.

This is the future of data-driven insurance: AI-driven analytics that measure exposure in real time. Kinetic products that adapt to changes in infrastructure and risk posture. And the calculated calm that comes from knowing you’re covered now.

Meet our Team

Our goal is to help companies adapt to a changing world with comprehensive cyber insurance and risk management solutions. Our team works hard to bring peace of mind to our users, through the measurement, management, and mitigation of new and emerging risks.

Jack Vines

CEO, Chairman And Founder

As the CEO of Measured, Jack brings his extensive leadership experience to the team and is responsible for all aspects of strategic planning, corporate governance and business development.

In this role, Jack serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and is integrally involved in the strategic direction for the organization.

His management functions encompass all aspects of corporate image & branding, insurance development, technology direction and operational integration.

David Whipple

CTO And Co-Founder

David is a co-founder of Measured and serves as the Chief Technical Officer where he is responsible for coordinating all aspects of technical operations of the company including the web content, business development, insurance operations and data analytics aspects.

In his capacity as CTO David directs activities including product development, information technology, customer implementation and support, business integration and consultative support units.

In addition to these responsibilities, he leads all development and architectural initiatives for the company.

Jeff Hendricks

Head Of Data Science And Machine Learning

Jeff serves at the Head of Data Science for Measured where he is responsible for managing and executing data science projects that require control of data partnerships, data pipelines, data science projects, underwriting & rating algorithms and related analytics.

Jeff has educational and experiential background in research, statistics, machine learning, financial risk modeling, and advanced data analytics.

Jeff Longbons

Director Of Insurance And Strategic Planning

Jeff is the lead insurance product and operations developer for the company. His role is focused on development of the RansomGuard Insurance policy, working with the analytics team to develop the underwriting guidelines, designing the claims integration and architecting the insurance operations and management.

He also serves as in a strategic planning role, especially in the areas of insurance management and strategic financial planning.

Patrick Brown

VP Of Engineering

Patrick serves as VP of Engineering where he drives software architectural design as well as the software development process including user experience, resiliency, and performance.

Patrick has a diverse product and software development background and is interested in all aspects of software design from low level performance to understanding the user and delivering them an empathetic end product.

Will Peteroy

Cyber Security And Analytics Consultant

Will is an accomplished Information Security Leader with comprehensive experience in building, developing and leading high-performing teams in highly technical, complex and challenging environments.

He serves as a direct advisor to the Measured team in the areas of cybersecurity & ransomware analytics, product coverage development, corporate strategic initiatives and market development.


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