Our Team

Our goal is to help companies adapt to a changing world with comprehensive cyber insurance and risk management solutions. Our team works hard to bring peace of mind to our users, through the measurement, management, and mitigation of new and emerging risks.

CEO, Chairman And Founder

CTO And Co-Founder

Chief Underwriting Officer

Chief Product Officer

Head Of Data Science And Machine Learning

VP Of Engineering

Marketing Lead

Director of Insurance

Cyber Security Lead

Our Mission

Deliver Comprehensive Insurance and Education

Measured Insurance offers an analytics-based approach to cyber insurance, specifically quantifying specific exposure to ransomware attacks. We’re bridging the gap between technology and insurance by using AI-powered analytics that track individual exposure in real time to create smarter insurance products. Every policy is tailored to fit the individual client—clearly identifying pre-event exposure in seven main areas and customizing post-event loss mitigation services with real experts, real people, and real help if ever needed.