Measured Insurance Partners with Canopius and Long-time Backer SCOR to Expand Critical Cyber Insurance Solutions

Our Purpose

To light the path to confidence and security in cyber realms

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About Us

At Measured Analytics and Insurance, we provide more than cyber insurance, we light the path to confidence and security in cyber realms. We offer practical answers and innovative cyber insurance solutions for businesses seeking to manage enterprise cyber risks.

Whether it’s cybercrime, business interruption, or other malicious activity perpetrated by bad actors, the threats and the financial costs are real and complex. Our aim is to make our customers fluent and confident in integrating financial risk mitigation and cyber risk management into enterprise risk management.

Partnered with leading global cybersecurity software companies like Sophos, Tenable and more, Measured first helps ensure our customers are technologically secure. Then, Measured provides cyber insurance to protect businesses and manage enterprise financial risk.

With national security grade threat intelligence in our DNA, our team monitors the threat environment and evaluates insureds’ risk exposure on an ongoing basis. We ask the right questions, leveraging our proprietary data and algorithmic intelligence.

We then analyze and interpret, solving for optimal protection and value, based on our multi-decade experience in insurance underwriting, data analytics, and technology.

Companies want confidence, quantified.

Diligence, quantified.

Trust, quantified.

That is Measured.

Our Story

As CISO at a previous company, our co-founder, Jack Vines, had a huge realization that their insurer had no idea what kind of risk they were covering. We knew we could do better. So we started Measured.

Cyber insurance is complex. We know how easy it is to execute a breach with off-the-shelf tools. Companies today have integrated ecosystems. Protecting that environment demands vigilance. You need smarter cyber insurance solutions to protect you. This can’t be – and shouldn’t be – dumbed down.

Our expert team bridges national security grade cyber threat intelligence with underwriting rigor, providing you a more accurate risk assessment.

Every day we work diligently to accurately quantify risk, yes, but also your trust.

Our Story
Our Mission

To provide cyber insurance and technology risk solutions that
make businesses more secure.
Trust, quantified.

Our Values

We have proven good on our promise to pay. We earn our customers’ trust again and again by protecting them and giving real risk answers from real people.


We don’t operate in a black box. We share data with you in a customized dashboard. We provide a fair policy at a reasonable price.


As the leading innovator in cyber insurance, we methodically combine proprietary, AI-rich data analytics and national security grade threat intelligence to deliver trusted cyber insurance products.


Companies are not powerless against ransomware. We know the actions to take. We are the flashlight in the darkness of cyber threats. Cyber insurance solutions are what we were meant to do, just as your business is what you were meant to do.


Risk is nonlinear. It requires constant vigilance. So we treat the responsibility for a business’ cyber insurance with the utmost respect. Working with us is not a one-time transaction. It is a subscription to protection and confidence. 

Our Team

At Measured, our team provides more than cyber insurance, we light the path to confidence and security in cyber realms. Because of our multi-decade experience in insurance underwriting, data analytics, and technology, together, we deliver trust, quantified.

Andrew Page

VP Cyber Underwriter

Zanhkna Kapadia
Ted Applegate

AVP Cyber Underwriter

CEO, Chairman & Founder