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5 Industries of Opportunity for Cyber Brokers

Measured Staff
July 28, 2022
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The demand for cyber insurance has never been higher. Organizations of all sizes are looking to purchase cyber coverage for the first time or weighing their options as renewals roll around. Working closely with brokers and policyholders, Measured has insight into the five industries of opportunity for cyber insurance brokers looking to help more clients.


Cyber industry insiders have been warning about cybercrimes threatening agricultural businesses. As a crucial piece in the supply chain, and in anticipation of cyber attacks, these companies have a heightened interest in cyber coverage policies.


As restrictions lift and travel resumes around the world, the hospitality industry is rebounding. Hotels and restaurants specifically can benefit from cyber insurance policies that help recover quickly if an attack does occur, limiting business and profit disruption.


Non-profit organizations often get overlooked when it comes to cyber insurance discussions. However, these community organizations and associations have personal member and donor information that’s of interest to cyber criminals. 


From hospitals to primary care offices, there is a wide array of opportunities within the healthcare industry. Organizations within this industry collect and retain very sensitive information that needs to be protected with proper cybersecurity protocols and insured with customized cyber coverage for enhanced protection.

Retail Services

With constant access to customer banking and personal information, companies in the retail services space are looking to protect themselves in the event of a cyber attack or information breach. Broker expertise can match these businesses with the right insurance policy.

Insurance industry trends are showing significant opportunities within these five industries for cyber insurance brokers. If you are not currently an appointed Measured broker, we encourage you to get appointed here and join Measured’s team of brokers.