Measured Insurance Partners with Canopius and Long-time Backer SCOR to Expand Critical Cyber Insurance Solutions

Cybersecurity for SMEs: Tackling the Challenges of Adversarial Machine Learning and AI Threats

The NIST report “Adversarial Machine Learning: A Taxonomy and Terminology of Attacks and Mitigation” (NIST.AI.100-2) is the result of the collaboration between the public and private sectors and academia. It identifies some of the ways data used in the training or deployment phases of AI can be manipulated to produce counterproductive outcomes. Large language models (LLMs) used to train AI, for example, are so large they are impossible to monitor completely.

Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape: Understanding the NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0

NIST Cybersecurity

Reference the update from NIST here. The always changing landscape of cybersecurity threats necessitates robust frameworks for organizations to manage and mitigate risk. Enter the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) 2.0, a non-prescriptive guideline developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to empower organizations of all sizes and sectors to effectively address their […]

Defending Your Digital Frontier: A Smart Guide to Effective Cyber Incident Planning for SMEs

shield with green and blue light

Reference the infographic here. Lacking the deep resources of their larger counterparts, small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) face an uphill battle in cybersecurity. However, what many SMEs lack in resources can be made up with comprehensive planning to ensure that they react swiftly to any potential cybersecurity attack. Perhaps that’s why the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure […]

The Latest Cybersecurity Best Practices for SMEs: A Resource for Brokers

Cybersecurity Best Practices for SMEs

Here’s a list of best practices for small and midsize enterprise (SME) cybersecurity for brokers to ensure clients are cyber secure in an ever-changing threat environment: As a cybersecurity broker, your role is pivotal in helping protect their digital assets. Here is a quick list of best practices that are available to almost any SME. […]

Future-Proof Your Data: The Top 7 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2024

7 Cybersecurity Trends

The Bottom Line

The AI discussion will evolve to real-world benefits.

A growing holistic view of cybersecurity is taking root.

Cloud providers are recognizing the expanded attack surface and teaming up with cyber insurers.

Faster cycles of intrusion and detection boosts the need for automated detection.

Increased board-level scrutiny of cybersecurity will have some positive effects.

Cyber insurance continues to grow and is becoming more mature.

Cybersecurity worker shortage continues, but partnering for skills succeeds.