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Measured Analytics and Insurance Announces Partnership with Leading Cybersecurity Provider Sophos

Measured Staff
May 3, 2023
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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2023 – Measured Analytics and Insurance (“Measured”), the AI-powered cyber insurance provider, has partnered with Sophos, a global leader in delivering cybersecurity as a service. This partnership enables U.S.-based Sophos customers to receive premium savings on Measured insurance policies, as a reward for their strong cyber defenses.

A recent study shows that an organization’s ability to obtain cyber insurance coverage is directly impacted by the quality of their cyber defenses:

  • 60% of organizations reporting that it affected their ability to obtain coverage, and
  • 62% stating that it impacted the cost of their coverage.
  • 91% of organizations now have cyber insurance coverage, and
  • 8% planning to obtain coverage in the next year.


Having cyber insurance coverage is important for an organization’s ability to recover from an attack, as those with coverage are more likely to recover encrypted data in a ransomware incident:

  • 98% of those with a standalone policy and 97% of those with cyber as part of a wider insurance policy were able to recover encrypted data after a ransomware attack, compared to 84% of those without coverage.
  • Organizations with standalone cyber insurance policies are almost four times more likely to pay the ransom to recover encrypted data than those without coverage.


Sophos endpoint customers can now opt-in to share their security posture from the Sophos Central platform with Measured, to determine policy eligibility and premium discounts based on the various Sophos offerings used, protection status, and security hygiene of protected assets, and compliance with Sophos recommended security policies. Measured rewards organizations that use Sophos with better coverage and lower rates, recognizing their strong cyber hygiene and lower risk profiles.

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