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“Cybersecurity in the Cloud Era: Financial and Operational Impacts Decoded,” Measured Analytics and Insurance’s New White Paper Empowers CISOs and CFOs with New Insights

Jack Vines
October 19, 2023
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SALT LAKE CITY — Measured Analytics and Insurance, the AI-powered cyber insurance provider to small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), today introduced its latest white paper, “Cybersecurity in the Cloud Era: Financial and Operational Impacts Decoded.” This publication not only examines how SMEs should work in partnership with their cyber insurance brokers to overcome cloud-based cyber threats. It also presents an innovative proprietary risk assessment framework to better mitigate risk.

Padmanabh Dabke, Chief Product Officer remarked, “Enterprises with business-critical dependencies on the cloud must revolutionize their perspective on cybersecurity and cyber insurance. We’re entering an era where assessing financial risk from cyberattacks is pivotal. This white paper is a testament to Measured’s commitment to drive this transformative shift, offering actionable insights and a groundbreaking risk assessment framework for the cloud.”

Jack Vines III, CEO of Measured Analytics and Insurance, shared, Our unwavering mission is to make SMEs more secure by seamlessly integrating threat intelligence, cybersecurity tools, and comprehensive cyber insurance. Measured’s value-add to SMEs goes far beyond cyber insurance. With this white paper, we’re further evidencing our commitment to help businesses navigate their journey to cyber resilience in the cloud. Partnering with leading cyber insurance brokers and best-in-class cybersecurity vendors, we are executing on our vision to use AI-driven analytics to mitigate risk with constant vigilance.”

Highlights of the white paper include:

  • Common causes of cyber breaches in cloud environments, from overly permissive IAM (Identity and Access Management) to insecure serverless computing workloads
  • A proprietary framework to quantify the financial effects of cyber threats for cloud environments
  • Identification of the correlation between cloud controls and the impact on loss frequency and magnitude

This excerpt provides context for the urgency of the white paper’s observations: “In an era of digital transformation, enterprises are increasingly migrating their on-premises workloads to cloud platforms. This shift promises scalability, cost efficiency, and agility. Cloud platforms offer an array of security controls and monitoring tools with the potential for higher security and faster response times to emergent threats. However, they also introduce new challenges and risks in conducting business operations. Migrating to the cloud requires a new way of thinking about security that leverages cloud-native capabilities in managing assets, configurations, and access controls. Cloud environments are typically highly distributed, with transient workloads spread across multiple cloud providers and regions. This can make it difficult to track and manage all the security controls in place, and thus may increase the risk of a cyber breach and the ensuing financial costs.”

Enterprises of all sizes can enhance their security wisdom from this white paper, gaining insights into managing cybersecurity in the cloud, and assessing potential financial impact due to cyber events.

Click here to download the white paper and to learn more about how to protect your company from ever-changing cyber threats.

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At Measured Analytics and Insurance, we provide more than cyber insurance, we light the path to confidence and security in cyber realms.  We offer practical answers and innovative cyber insurance solutions for businesses seeking to manage enterprise cyber risks. Whether it’s cybercrime, business interruption, or other malicious activity perpetrated by bad actors, the threats and the financial costs are real and complex. Our aim is to make our customers fluent and confident in integrating financial risk mitigation and cyber risk management into enterprise risk management.

Partnered with leading global cybersecurity software companies, Measured first helps ensure our customers are technologically secure. Then, Measured provides cyber insurance to protect businesses and manage enterprise financial risk. With national security grade threat intelligence in our DNA, our team monitors the threat environment and evaluates insureds’ risk exposure on an ongoing basis. We ask the right questions, leveraging our proprietary data and algorithmic intelligence. We then analyze and interpret, solving for optimal protection and value, based on our multi-decade experience in insurance underwriting, data analytics, and technology. Companies want confidence, quantified.

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