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What Is ARP Spoofing? (And How To Prevent An Attack)

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) spoofing, also referred to as ARP cache poisoning or ARP poison routing, refers to an invasive attack in the form of sending spoofed or malicious ARP messages or packets routed over a local area network (LAN). The primary aim of ARP spoofing is to disrupt or stop network traffic. This move […]

How to Off-Board Employees Securely and Avoid Data Leaks

Off-boarding employees can present organizations with significant challenges related to security, and it can increase the risk of data leaks if not handled appropriately. Data leaks can be costly for organizations in terms of fines and penalties, reputational damage, and the time and expenses involved in incident response. That’s why it’s imperative to follow best […]

What Is Data Exfiltration? (And How To Prevent It)

Big data is a powerful currency. It can make or break an individual or business, especially if it gets into the wrong hands. Important data could mean classified financial or sensitive personal information that should be exclusively for your eyes only. Data protection is a critical component of any cyber risk management plan to prepare […]

5 Industries of Opportunity for Cyber Brokers


The demand for cyber insurance has never been higher. Organizations of all sizes are looking to purchase cyber coverage for the first time or weighing their options as renewals roll around. Working closely with brokers and policyholders, Measured has insight into the five industries of opportunity for cyber insurance brokers looking to help more clients. […]

War exclusions in cybersecurity insurance policies

War exclusions

We recently published a blog post highlighting the impacts of the Russian-Ukraine conflict on cyber insurance. We now have additional information on this matter to share with you. Cybersecurity insurance market professionals are anticipating that the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine will likely lead to an increase in cyber attacks and insurance claims. Industry […]