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Ransomware Removal


June 9, 2020 Google the phrase “How do I remove ransomware” and you’ll be greeted by hundreds of ads with promises that, for only a few hundred dollars, the ransomware attack you’re currently experiencing will be nothing more than a sad memory in only a few short hours. The truth about ransomware removal can be […]

The Definitive Guide to Malware


August 11, 2020 Neary 10 million malware attacks occurred in 2019, with nearly 450,000 new variants detected. Attacks range from phishing emails to CEO fraud, but the goal is one in the same: disruption. But first, this article is part of our Definitive Guide to Malware series: Definitive Guide to Malware How to Detect Malware How to Get Rid […]

3 New Nefilim Attacks—What You Need to Know

DoS_attack_ hero_image

March 4, 2021 Attacks have been reported on three new victims from the well-known Nefilim crime actors. The victims in the latest round of attacks include Spirit Airlines (a $3 billion airline), Vitro (a leading glass manufacturer in North America), and Grimmway Farms (a global producer of carrots). Publication of these attacks in the past has indicated a failure to pay […]