How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

In today’s complex and ever-evolving organization, it is not possible to guarantee perfect ransomware protection measures. Even the most carefully planned and executed strategy this week may not hold up to the attacks we see next week. However, there are still many preventative and exposure mitigation measures that everyone should put in place to minimize […]

Admitted vs. Non-Admitted Carrier: What’s the Difference?


There is one primary difference between an admitted carrier and a non-admitted insurer: an admitted carrier is approved by the state’s insurance department, whereas a non-admitted carrier is not approved and, therefore, does not have state backing.  What is an Admitted Insurance Carrier?  According to the state’s insurance department,  admitted insurance carriers will contribute to […]

Twitch’s data breach: what to do now, how to reset your password 

As Twitch is still undergoing its investigation, you can take immediate steps to ensure that your data is protected. Here are some steps you can take.    Last week,  Twitch confirmed that 125GB of data was stolen, including creator earnings over the previous few years, source code, and more. According to Twitch, the breach was caused […]

Site Notifications—A New Cyber Attack Entrypoint

Site notifications—often annoying but sometimes helpful—they seem harmless.. Typically installed to remind you of a discount or an update, they’re a great channel for brands, getting more information and eyes on ads or offers. But the flipside? Cyber criminals have identified site notifications as a great entrypoint to your device. In this article we’ll dive […]