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The Kaseya Ransomware Attack: What Businesses Need To Know

On July 2, 2021, Kaseya, a software provider, announced that it had been attacked and that some of its clients may have been affected. The company advised its clients to shut down any VSA servers they’re running to prevent any potential or further breach in their systems. Unfortunately, the company’s efforts were futile, and the […]

The DarkSide Ransomware Group: An Overview


On average, ransomware attacks on businesses occur every 40 seconds. By 2031, it’s expected that the total losses to ransomware among all major industries will reach $265 billion.  These numbers are driven by the increasing illegal cyber activity by ransomware groups that are steadily growing in size and number.  One of these groups is DarkSide […]

Community Organizations: Don’t Ignore These Cyber Threats


Cyber threats and data breaches are in the news each and every week. And, just like small businesses and large corporations, community organizations are also vulnerable to these types of cyber risks and attacks. While big-name breaches most often make the headlines, community organizations should not ignore that they can also be targeted and exploited.  […]

6 Signs of a Ransomware Attack


People often think that ransomware attacks just happen, but really, there are several warning signs that indicate they are about to take place. Knowing what these signs are can help you spot a ransomware attack much earlier, potentially limiting damage. Automated vs. Human-operated Ransomware Before getting into the six warning signs of a ransomware attack, […]

What is Hacktivism?


The internet has forever changed advocacy. Activists that would traditionally hit the pavement in protest or organize sit-ins to garner attention are now going digital with their efforts. Hacktivism, a combination of the words hacking and activism, is the use of hacking to expose a believed injustice. It is also referred to as cyberactivism, digital […]