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Will Peteroy

Cyber Security Lead

Will serves as an advisor to the Measured team, working on cybersecurity and ransomware analytic models, product and market development, and strategic corporate initiatives.

Will currently serves as a Managing Partner at Blackthorne Consulting, a boutique international cybersecurity consultancy providing tailored professional services to enable clients to understand their threat landscape and develop world-class detection, threat intelligence and incident response capabilities.

Will actively researches advanced persistent threats (APT), ransomware actors, and other criminal groups. Will has previously served as the CEO of ICEBRG.IO (Acquired by Gigamon), CTO at Gigamon, Security Strategist at Microsoft and Subject Matter Expert at the US Department of Defense.

CEO, Chairman And Founder

CTO And Co-Founder

Chief Underwriting Officer

Head Of Data Science And Machine Learning

VP Of Engineering

Marketing Lead

Cyber Security Lead

Director of Insurance