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VP Of Engineering

Patrick serves as VP of Engineering where he drives software architectural design as well as the software development process including user experience, resiliency, and performance.

Patrick has a diverse product and software development background and is interested in all aspects of product and software design, from low-level performance to understanding the user and delivering an empathetic end product.

In previous roles Patrick has:

  • Contributed to innovative open source data processing framework Apache Spark with 2 performance focused PRs which were delivered in version 3.0.0
  • Led data intensive medical research projects resulting in 2 publications: “The Green House Model of Nursing Home Care in Design and Implementation” and “Factors Associated with Pressure Ulcer Risk in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation”
  • Built a development team and distributed Iot/Big Data processing system from the ground up, starting as the sole developer and subsequently creating a balanced development team and a large scale data system and frontend application with annual revenue over $1MM
  • Lead the entire product organization, including internal and external designers and product managers as well as the development team, successfully balancing legacy product development with new product market research, implementation, and delivery of an innovative crowd sourced computer vision product aimed at improving roads in every state

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